It’s Possible

I got this twitter thread from Chris Corrigan. It features, as you can see above, a vision and possibility for the future from Robert Jago. It’s a future that reclaims right relations emotionally and structurally. Robert Jago has several numbered posts in his thread that shape the vision.

What I love about this is that it is possible. Big changes that would have us looking back with guffaw — “…remember the old constitution; how crazy was that!”

I like to think that we are living in times when the long arc is enacted through the present moment. Sometimes it’s little things. Sometimes it’s symbolic things. Sometimes it’s experiments that didn’t work as we thought. Sometimes it’s todo’s and todon’ts that change everything.

I’m grateful to those that point to the realness of such change and that move the direction and the narrative. Feels a whole lot better than, “…well, what are you gonna do…” that dismisses a responsibility to pay attention and act on the uncommon.

Glad for the feeling of, “…perhaps nearer than you might think…”

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