Sadhguru, the East Indian spiritual guide, is teacher to one of my teachers. I tend to enjoy his words with pause and reflection.

In the above, I’m glad for the hint of possibility that is a conscious planet. And, wow, that feels so distant.

I’m glad for people that stand for the significant change.

I’m also glad for the people that contribute to significant change by working with small things in front of them. Chopping the wood. Carrying the water. Taking muffins to a neighbor. Hearing a person’s story.

Here’s to the changes that come through what we invite and offer, both at the large scales of shift and at the small scales of simple presence and kindness.

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  1. I’m in the category of small scale. Simple presence and kindness. I find that my ability to do so hinges on my letting go of my impulse to fix or “make better.” It’s such a strong impulse, from my past. It was a way to earn my place, to be worthy. Now, my strongest intention remains to be present, to listen as deeply as I can, to wait for an embodied response — which, reliably shows up when I take the time to pause.

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