Leadership Is Convening

Below is a piece that Chris Corrigan offered as part of an Art of Hosting Invitation we are creating for October 3-6, 2010 on Bowen Island.

I find myself experimenting with a lot of language on these invitations. Some of it wordy. Always appreciating a crispness — which Chris offers here.

“We are more aware than ever that human beings are living in complex systems. From the very large to the very small, traditional forms of organizing and leading are being tested and found wanting. What is missing?

Complex environments require additional leadership capacities in order for groups at any scale to find the way forward together. One of these practices is convening: calling together people around a shared purpose or inquiry to work together for community and organizational evolution.

Convening and facilitating participation is an art, and the art of hosting is a practice that works with personal and collective capacities to bring the best from ourselves and the groups we work with. If you are a facilitator, a leader, an internal consultant, a community member or an educator, the practice of this art is core to your work.”

Thanks Chris. And others (Meg Wheatley in particular comes to mind) that invites similarly. From Meg I learned more on “leader as host rather than hero.” Should be good for Bowen in the fall.

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