Learning 1 In A Learning Filled Week

There will be lots of them, these learnings.
More than I can catch.
These learnings.
But perhaps they all land.
Some quietly, less noticed, yet present like the quiet lily that grows in my back yard, in the corner.
Some more boldly, that can’t not be noticed, that require immediate and full attention, and arrive with shock.

I’m in preparation for The Circle Way At Work. Forty people are coming. From Uniting Care and it’s many connected organizations. A few from other consulting organizations. Some friends that I know. Some that simply want to be in good learning and in good work together, particularly connected with co-host, and local practitioner, Penny Hamilton.

Our design is simple. I’m learning that it’s simple, and really needs to be so. It’s about creating connection. It’s about offering simple teachings that connect to The Circle Way Components Wheel. It’s about creating environment in which people can join each other in their learning. It has training, but isn’t full on that way. It has retreat, the space to develop more self-awareness, which I love, and feels at the root of change work.

Learning 1, dare to keep it simple.

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