Learning 2: Connect To A Center, Blow On An Ember


This center is from The Circle Way at Work. It’s a cloth offered by Penny Hamilton. It’s stones that come from people she works with within her disabilities services organizations.

The center, and the circle, helps to organize the energy that we each bring to the center. It gives what is not yet woven, and builds it into pattern, so that we can feel a coherence together. Just as these circles and patterns are shown on this cloth. Center, and circle, amplify connection.

At the end of the day, cohosts Amanda Fenton, Penny Hamilton, and I were reflecting on the day. I offered the impression, and hope, “that we’d blown on a few embers of clarity and courage that day.” It felt like the people in the room, the embers, were emanating just a bit more clarity and a bit more courage.

I often feel that I want to understand more of what happens to people in the workshop. But perhaps, building on yesterday’s learning to dare to be simple, this blowing a few coals into a needed flame of courage and clarity, is what matters most. With that, people can do their work in ways that I don’t even know or imagine.

Lesson 2: Connect To A Center, Enflame Clarity and Courage

I am grateful.


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