Life Living Me

Sometimes it takes going far to go near.

I’m feeling in this second year of travel and work in Australia, the experience of far from the geography of Utah that I call home. I am 16 hours into the future. It took five nights for me to feel enough of a landing in this time zone to sleep through the night.

I’m learning my way into a culture. I’m delighting in friendship here. I’m learning my way into accent and language. This learning is something that I utterly love. It opens something in me, that I think has been wanting to open for a long time.

These words formed to poem.


Life Living Me

I think that I’m finding a commitment within me.
It’s been growing for many years.
Perhaps all of my life.
Perhaps lifetimes before that.
This life of mine is far from ordinary,
and thus, it is ripe for generational change.

I think that I’m finding a commitment within me
to live beyond fear,
beyond protection,
beyond worry,
and to give myself to the source that is life living me.
I like this feeling.

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