With The Whole Of It

The above photo is from Coolangatta, in Australia’s New South Wales. It’s a winter day in Coolangatta, by season. The temperature, however is near 70 F / 20 C. This photo is from a Sunday walk with friends.

I am grateful for a weekend with new friends. People with whom there was ease in being together. Generous conversations. Spacious time, including welcomed naps in the sun. Reading. Food. New recipes. Wine. Coffee. Laughter. A movie.

I love the feeling of giving myself to the spaciousness. Perhaps spaciousness can be as endless as these waves in Coolangatta. I love the feeling of spaciousness steering me.

From this kind of weekend, came these words, this poem:


Being With The Whole Of It

I want to learn more to relax into the moment in front of me.
To give myself to it, in joy and openness.
Without fear.
Without worry.
Just totally welcoming.

It’s not all moments that I will welcome this way.
There is, after all, pain and suffering.
Yet, more often,
I’m simply living a delightful, unfolding life.
Why not welcome it, and be with it?

I long to be able
to give myself to the moment
that doesn’t measure moments,
but flows, trustingly and compellingly,
with the whole of it.

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