Life Wants To Be In Partnership — II

From book-writing this week, a second teaser from the Epilogue.


In many indigenous traditions it is recognized that the dream an individual has may actually be a dream for the larger community and tribe. Sharing that dream might help others wake to what they need to learn or what we need to learn together.

Likewise, I’ve come to believe that when something holds our individual attention, it may not just be for us, but might be for the group. Or it might stir something beneath the surface of another individual in the group.

I have come to realize that often, when one person grows and expands their level of awareness from one state to another, it makes it possible for others to grow and expand also.

Remember the first person to run a sub 4-minute mile, the Englishman, Roger Bannister, in 1954. I’m told that after he broke this barrier for the first time, it was broken many times by others in a relatively short period of time. One person paves the way.

The way-paving for many of us is our awareness. It always has been, even for the greatest of doers among us. Way-paving comes from first, being in relationship, even partnership, with Life, this wholeness of the world. Second, from recognizing that what has our attention is a doorway in to more clear and essential understanding and purpose. Third, from recognizing and acknowledging how our inner worlds create outer realities. This step alone resets so many of the patterns of blame that show up in contemporary and complex tensions. And fourth, claiming our projections resets a vitality and honesty with Life. We are both in the world and of the world. 

Life wants to be in partnership with us. 

It does so by offering us experiences, people, and symbols 

that catch and hold our attention. 

In these offerings, Life gives us invitation 

to notice more of how our inner condition is projecting our outer reality, 

which in fact, renders us, 

co-creators with Life.

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