Life Wants To Be In Partnership

I’ve been writing this week. For a short book on partnering with Life. It’s got some work remaining, but I’ve started to send to a few readers. I’m excited and nervous! Here’s a teaser from the Preface.


I am the kind of human being that typically enjoys anything that questions the nature of reality. I good conversation. A movie. A book. I can’t really help it. Something deep in me believes that the world is not what it seems. Despite the granularity of details that science has taught us to seek, and that we’ve become pretty good at — much remains mystery, masked as an illusion of certainty. Like believing that our bodies are mostly substance, when in fact, we are mostly water. Like believing that even that water is mostly substance, when in fact, it is mostly space. 

The primary premise for this book also questions the nature of reality. The contents come from breaking down a statement that arrived to me in 2010, during another time of reflection. I can say that it arrived, but it really slow-cooked in me for much longer than a single moment.

Life wants to be in partnership with us. 

It does so by offering us experiences, people, and symbols 

that catch and hold our attention. 

In these offerings, Life gives us invitation 

to notice more of how our inner condition 

is projecting our outer reality, 

which in fact, renders us, 

co-creators with Life.

This book is about that. It is about fleshing out these phrases that I hold as a kind of user’s guide for being in this world in these days so that in particular, we do not lose the mystery and the always changing richness of human lives lived.

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