Little Things

Little Brook

I’m pretty much an early morning person. I like to wake around 6:00. I like to get the day started. To feel like I’m accomplishing things. It’s my upbringing. My Mom was this way when I was young. My Grandparents were this way too.

Today was not one of those days. I woke from a dream that had me a bit sad. My body felt stiff and sore from the spring yard work that I’d done on the weekend. My dog woke me three times in the night to go outside — perhaps a bit going on in his stomach. I ate too much food on the weekend, which I enjoyed in the moment, but felt lousy about after. I hadn’t exercised on the stationary bike (because I was doing yard work instead). And it was the first Monday of daylight savings time. The light in the morning was just off.

I accept that there are days like this, when it is a wee bit harder to get going. It is part of life, right. There are times to just dwell in what does not feel like it is going so well.

Today was not a day to dwell in that. Far too much to do and with some immediate accountabilities in the day. So now what?

I found myself looking for the little things. I can’t figure our the whole picture of things, or, my energy just isn’t there. So, it’s best to follow my friend Charles’ advice, to just make good decisions for the next 15 minutes in front of me. Write in my journal. Good. Meditate. Good. Take in the back yard stream for a moment. Good. Blog. Good. Set up an appointment with my tax accountant. Good. Send my weekly email to my son on his faith community service. Good.

Little things.

In many ways I think of myself as a big picture person, able to hold a lot of complexity and contradictions. Maybe today will turn into that. But the start, sometimes, is just one little thing after another, to get through the morning and into all of those good things cued up for today.

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