I returned to my home on the weekend, from a week away. I returned to find newness in parts of the garden.

The Columbine flowers, now on top of two foot stems. It’s a softening moment for me to step up my front steps and to see the Columbine return.

Then there is the Chives, purpled to many a blossom. The Chives return doubled or tripled from what I saw last year. Again, soft heart for me to see the growth and the beauty.

And then there is Rhubarb. Crazy big. Crazy flowering. I joked with a fried yesterday — “I think my rhubarb has discovered coffee.” I love the return to such growing. To such…, loving.

With all of that in me, I wrote these words below this morning. It’s celebration. It’s reminder. It’s guidance. It’s discovery. It’s blossom found in words, lived in heart.

Let yourself be loved.

Loved beyond the narrow descriptions
that others will impose
from restricted this and that.

Loved by the enormous creative spirit
that lives unfettered
in winds, trees, waters, and mountains.

Loved between all that is abundant
that rings out celebration
and creation.

Let yourself be loved.

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