A Welcome

I’m thinking ahead — spirit of welcome.

Quanita Roberson and I will host two upcoming online experiences.

One is a repeat of our Essence of Circle Practice. This is one session, online. Four hours. We create deliberate focus on essence as the title says — what we’ve learned gets to the heart of practice in circle. So as to support people in more wise and soulful and circly ways in a number of circumstances. August 10th is the date, 4:30 – 8:30 ET (New York).

Another is our next iteration of a Wisdom Series. This is four parts, also online. Each session is 2 hours. The overarching theme of this is Initiation. We hold that integration is a key skill. Our weekly themes are: 1) Elders, Guides; 2) Surrender; 3) Spirit Walk; 4) Earth Walk. As above, our intent is wisdom and soulfulness. In the heart and in the belly. September 8, 15, 29 (skip 22nd) and October 6 — two time choices available.

Both offerings are independent offerings. Yet, we think of them as part of an ecosystem of connections in what we get to do with people. And, we think of them as a taste of the flavor (mode, feeling, style) that we offer in our deep dive Fire & Water Leadership and Rite of Passage Journey (next cohort applications will be accepted in Fall 2022 to begin Spring 2023).

Sign on as you are ready. Nudges to others you feel are readied appreciated.

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