What a treat to be greeted by my old friend and brother Toke yesterday. I flew from Utah to Amsterdam. Then from Amsterdam to Billund, near Denmark’s Lake District, near Silkeborg.

What a treat to see the green of a Denmark Spring season. To feel the green of a friendship that last had us face to face nearly a decade ago. To feel the freshness of a lake and small lake islands awakening friendship and learning. To sit by a fire with a small group of men, eating fire-warmed soup and bread (brought by Soren, seen above in our shared digging project).

What a treat to welcome journey of a trip I’ve long anticipated. To settle into a pace cleared of a day’s regular todo lists. To feel the wind. To be moved by it. To be moved by each other. To be received.

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  1. How beautiful, dear Tenn. I’m moved in turn to picture you and Toke in your longtime friendship and colleagueship getting to be present together after many years, and by my own remembering of warm magic times with each of you. My love to both of you from over here! 💕

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