Morning Glory

Morning Glory is one of the most beautiful flowers I know. Where I live, this deep purple and blue is the common color. I love the inner white and pink that mimics shining light from the center. Hard not to gawk at these.

Morning glory is also treated as weed by many. It grows hearty as vine and is a persistent climber on anything that neighbors it. I had a few tomato plants that got overtaken by Morning Glory this year when I travelled.

Most things have upside and downside to them. I don’t mean it quite so binary as that. It’s not either / or. It’s multi-hued, and existing all at the same time. This is one of the key learnings I try to bring to people when I’m in groups. It is one of the key learnings that I keep returning to within myself.

There’s a certain wisdom that I relate to as an emotional discipline. The utter beauty is present if we look for it; if we welcome ourselves to see what is. Painful difficulties are also present if we look for them; is we live with realness and let ourselves feel. Of course these all exist simultaneously. Developing mind, heart, and belly that lives naturally with the “allness, all at once” — this is a kind of wisdom that I’m drawn to cultivating.

This week is a travel week for me. And prep. There’s the Wisdom Series that Quanita Roberson and I host. This one is focused on Initation — Elders & Guides / Surrender / Spirit Walk / Earth Walk. These are small, and intimate conversations to see the deep blue and purple, to see the white and pink in the center.

There’s also the Firekeepers Leadership Retreat hosted in-person over four days. With Amy Howton, Miriam McKenney, Prentiss Haney, Joseph Kovitch, Quanta and myself. This one is four days with a group of 25. If it goes well we will feel a quality of timeless together. And beauty. And some exploration of what we climb and descend together.

Oh, to continue, with appreciation for beauty, and for ability to learn and commune from all of the simple things. Yup, that’s a wish and intention that I carry with me this week.

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  1. Timeless and beauty is what I experienced today in circle with Nicole. And, exploration of what we climb and descend together.

    Together, with one another, we were able to see the deep blue and purple, to see the white and pink in the center … not in the Morning Glory, but in one another.

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