Out of The Head, Into the Heart (Ilarion Merculieff, Aleut Elder)

This is a delightful read. Oh my!

I came across it because of Nicole Frederickson — thank you Nicole — in her thoughtful and heartful ways of going about being human with such wonder.

Out of the Head, Into the Heart: The Way of the Human Being — this is the full title. This integration of head and heart and belly — this is the stuff that brings me alive in my work with groups and in my journey with purposed living.

Read the whole thing. But here’s a few teasers that light me up. Thx Ilarion. Thx Nicole.

I developed the capacity to maintain this state of “awareness without thinking” for several hours at a time. That was when the magic happened:

When Unangan Elders speak of the “heart,” they do not mean mere feelings, even positive and compassionate ones. “Heart” refers to a deeper portal of profound interconnectedness and awareness that exists between humans and all living things.

Centering oneself there results in humble, wise, connected ways of being and acting in the world. Indigenous peoples have cultivated access to this source as part of a deep experience and awareness of the profound interdependency between the natural and human worlds. To access it, you must drop out of the relentless thinking that typically occupies the Western mind.

And more. Oh my!

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