New Day

I love the spaciousness and the activity in this photo from today’s sunrise. I’m at Yuba State Park in Central Utah. Refreshing myself. 75 miles from my home.

Kayaking yesterday. Walking through the campground. Noticing lizard, chipmunk, squirrel, blue heron, grazing cows, rabbit, seagull, raven, and fish jumping in the reservoir.

Loving the sunrise spaciousness. Needing it.

And, this sky is active, isn’t it. Intriguing to me. Alive with color. Alive with formation. Whispy, yet with pattern.

Loving the activity in it. Needing to be with it.

Sometimes, as the poet David Whyte shares, the truth depends on a walk around the lake. Or the campground. Or a kayak paddle. Or watching squirrels.

I’m grateful.

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