On Operating Systems in Groups — Try Thinking Less

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I suppose I like the intent of the language that is operating system. It’s rather mechanical, like cogs in an old clock. Or it’s rather electronic, like the needed infrastructure for your computer to run. Both of these directions are a bit outside of the living systems images that many of us are conjuring and growing.

It’s a mixing of common use of language, but I’m guessing that there is an operating system involved with the sunflowers growing along the nearby trail. Or in the green vines that wildly grow in my back yard. 1. Reach for the sun. 2. Rest on what is near you, including a neighbor vine. 3. Then reach again.

Or I remember the rule of Boids from many years ago that were three simple rules that created simulated flocking. 1. Fly to the perceived center of mass of the group of boids. 2. Maintain the same small distance from other objects, including other boids. 3. Match the perceived speed of nearby boids.

I’m the kind of human that likes to explore the operating systems for working with groups. I suppose I’ve been searching for and experimenting with improvements most of my life. So as to add more consciousness. Or kindness. Or brilliance accessed through the whole of it.

Below is a version of “operating system” that I’ve been working on, also for most of my life. But the words for this have come more recently.



Think Less

Think less.
Feel more.

Plan less.
Presence more.

Doubt less.
Trust more.

Give to.

Tumble forward.

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