Optical Delusions

This is a phrase that I was reminded of recently in reading some of Meg Wheatley’s writings — optical delusions. In Meg’s writings, these were in a context of a number of unexamined prevailing stories that much of humanity is now living. For example, the story of the importance of unquestioned growth and the greed and scarcity dynamics that come with this. Also, the obsession much of our society has with metrics and the detriment in richness that is created from an imposed measurement hungry culture. Also, the call to remember wholeness. The illusion and delusion of separation has done much to over-run and over-use many of the resources on this planet, including the now often dormant inner resources and imagination of many human beings. Ah, so much to sit with in all of this.

In another related experience this week I went to a lecture, a “Last Class” given by one of my grad school professors, Bonner Ritchie. Bonner has been teaching for 45 years at the university level. This was his 99th semester. Bonner was a person that helped me to see some of those delusions 20 years ago. He helped me to see and name some of the beliefs that already resided in me, and that I was probably afraid to speak out loud back then. As I listened to Bonner, I began to remember some of beliefs that have shaped so much of who I am and how I think now. One was the belief that “all is not as it seems.” I later came to fill that in from a perceptual psychology and quantum perspective to add, “and all is as it seems at the same time.” I remember Bonner also talking about new truths. “Every new truth is just the next best lie about what is really going on.” Or, “In every new truth, there is more that false in that truth than there is true in that truth.” Again, much to sit with

I think I’ve always been a person that believes there is much delusion. There must be more that is happening. I’ve always been a person that hungers for next edges of learning, and the essential consciousness shift to get to some of that learning. Today is a day to notice and honor two important teachers for me. Thanks Meg. Thanks Bonner.

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