Tweets of the Weeks

  • Good call today with friend Brenna Atnikov in Calgary on Community Development Leadership project.
  • Isaac, Elijah and I experimenting with Catnip / Catmint from the garden, drying it for tea.
  • About to start a 5K in support of Elijah’s school. 🙂
  • Great ideas from pal Chris Corrigan. He has been a core teacher for me about invitations, offerings, and practices.
  • Meeting my friend to explore creating a local health and wellness network. Excited.
  • Elijah cheesehead from WI. Didn’t take him long to put it on backward and call it gangsta-cheesehead.
  • Another good call today with Nebraska Rural Futures Conference Team focusing on how to integrate conference learning.
  • Great call today with Alicia at Rural Ontartio Institute. Starting to imagine a fall conference team and design.
  • Just finished reading Lynne Twist’s The Soul of Money. Excellent!

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