Three Weeks, Seven Stops

OK, you know how you sometimes need a pause to catch your breath? This is one of those moments. One of those posts. In a blink, a month has passed. I’ve been in very full and focussed time. Important work. Important friendships. And seven different beds to sleep in.

A few of the stopping points include:

Tribal Leaders Summit — Co-hosting with my friends Sono, Chris, and Teresa an EPA Region 10 Summit in Grand Ronde, Oregon. It was hosting an Open Space part of the meeting for one day. 200 people. To explore needed collaboration on several key issues like (water, waste, air, climate change, salmon, trust relations). It was an invited intersection of traditional knowledge and western science. I took point on a harvest process and document for this one.
Rural Futures Conference — Co-hosting with Teresa a collaborative effort across four universities in Nebraska to birth a Rural Futures Institute. Again, we hosted an Open Space part of the meeting for 200 people. It was impressive to see the university system invite partnership and collaboration in their community. To look into the future of food and energy from a plains perspective. To have so much support across the region.
El Paso, Texas Community Conversation — This one had particular focus on retaining medical talent in the area. We used the Art of Hosting pattern to address the overall trend, particularly for family practice physicians of increased community need, yet with decreased availability (and retirement) of physicians. Teresa Posakony and I held this one together with a local calling team. In addition to hosting,  I offered a landscape map on whiteboards.

Grateful for good learnings with good people in these three efforts.

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