A couple of weeks ago I drove from my home to Miller Lake, up in Utah’s Uinta Mountains.

The drive itself was about 90 minutes. A very easy pace that winds around a couple of reservoirs. And then a couple of back roads. Again, more easy pace, with the windows down on the back roads to smell and hear the forest more keenly.

Around Miller Lake is the simple trail, the one in the photo above, no more than 30 minutes to make a full loop. I saw deer. A few people fishing.

I continued to enjoy easy pace. And quiet. And fresh smell.

So, today I return to my writing practice, having been off for four weeks. In the last seven years or so, it’s the longest break I’ve taken to not write in this blog.

I return to a path that is practice for me. Wellness practice. Sharing. Wondering. Connecting what is inner to an expression in the outer. Exploring the back roads, with what I intend as easy enough pace. To feel. To see. To smell.

This human journey is both a sweet one, and a befuddling one. I continue to learn that they go together. And to give myself to a path.


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