Peace on Earth — Contributions Please

Throughout most of my life, I’ve been a person quite oriented to causes — like many, I’ve wanted to make a difference. For me, that difference-making has often been in support of big things but through small steps. For example, I remember as a teen in the late 70s that I took US President Jimmy Carter seriously when he called for citizens to turn down their thermostats because of the energy crisis. I drove my Mom nuts with that one — we lived in Canada, not Georgia!

I’m on the board for Calling the Circle, a non-profit that is in full support of The Circle Way. It is one of the causes that means much to me.

The Circle Way is simultaneously four things, including a global movement of practitioners that are calling people back to better listening and better operating systems for who they are and what they can offer in the world. I’m proud to be a part of that. As a board member for the last three years, but also as a practitioner for the last 15+ years.

One of the things that is remarkable about The Circle Way is that it is now in transition from being led by founders Christina Baldwin and Ann Linnea to being led by a network of practitioners. This transition has actually been happening over the last three years, very thoughtfully I might add. And, I’m aware that changes like this take multiple years and making it through both tenuous and terrific times. We have some important years coming.

As you might imagine, there is an important release that is happening, a letting go. There is an important picking up, by a next generation of Circle carriers. It takes really clean intentions for that to happen.

The shift from founder-lead to network-lead is a grand experiment. It takes some resources to support some minimal structure. A part-time community weaver position, a website with helpful materials, a few stewards meeting periodically to pay attention to the integrity of it, and periodic communications to further invitation.

Please join me in contributing. Yes, of course, at one level it is about simple support. Thank you. And, please join me in imagining a future in which astounding listening is the norm — to each other, to team, to self, and to the subtle. Please join me in supporting that, over the years. It’s a movement that, if I let myself, I can feel in my gut and in quiet whispers that proclaim, this could really make a difference.

Peace on earth, yes. Circle helps with that.

Thank you friends.



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