Practicing For Peace

One of the groups of people that I’ve become quite befriended with and inspired by is the Practice for Peace Community.

I went to Denmark last May at the invitation of my friend and co-caller organizer, Toke Moeller. I met for 4 days with other good folks in Art of Hosting Flavor, Circle, Open Space, Breath, Canoeing, Fire, Bokken and Archery Practice, Flow Game, and Design for Wiser Action. It moved my heart. It animated a particular belonging and a shared focus question —

What if it weren’t about solving problems,
but rather about practicing peace 1-2 meters in front of us and at bigger scale.

I will be participating in the 2023 version of this gathering, hosted near Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The hosting team includes inspiring folk (Samantha Slade, Paul Messer, Philip Marken, Nadine Jouanen, Mel Geitch, Kieron Concannon, and Mary Alice Arthur.

If you feel called to join with others in supporting and creating communities that practice peace, please explore the website and consider registering.

An information call is happening this Friday, May 5th, 8:00 – 10:00 Mountain Time — please reach me directly for a Zoom URL.

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  1. This is so appealing.

    “set a seed of commitment that we would be elders, co-learners, and practitioners for each other”

    Indeed. That is a gathering I would love to be part of, to listen deeply to the wisdom, the medicine, the calling forth …

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