The Poetry of the Cosmos (Thx Karen Celeste Hilfman)

One of the books I’ve been reading and relishing lately is this above, The Mended Mirror, a memoir written by a new friend, Karen Celeste Hilfman. It’s a compelling read that connects family, mental health, profession, poetry. It connects a bunch of life together. A bunch of experience. A bunch of learning. And a bunch of practice. A bunch of happiness. A bunch of sorrow. Life.

Karen is a person I’ve been coming to know in the last 6 weeks. Through conversation. Through shared readings. Through inherent wonder that is part of her way of living and what she and I have created together in a little pocket of Zoom. I’m glad.

One of her poems that she includes in The Mended Mirror is this one below, The Poetry of the Cosmos. I appreciate her voice to point to what is the grandest of realities that can open hearts and inspirations to this living in the day to day of human life.

Enjoy. Thx Karen.

The Poetry of the Cosmos
Karen Celeste Hilfman

The Poetry of the Cosmos
sings deep in our soul
listen … listen …
it is waiting to be heard …
awakened in stillness
carried on the breeze in the trees
heard in the songs of the birds
and in the sound of laughter shared

The Poetry of the Cosmos
twirls in our midst
calling us to life and laughter and play
inviting us into a dance of joy
beyond the ego borders
that limit and sever connection
by the power of fear

The Poetry of the Cosmos
beckons us to trust and delight
in this world of awe-filling experiences
that continuously present themselves
if we are open to see

The Poetry of the Cosmos
connects to the song of our hearts
and weaves together the passions of our souls
to create a tapestry filled with boldness
of colours and textures, shapes and intricacies
that are beyond the limitations
we place on our imaginings

The Poetry of the Cosmos
is all around us and deep within us
listen … listen …
and let it lead us in a joyful dance
into life filled with the abundance of
resources shared
creation honoured
each one known to be loved
and wholeness lived

The Poetry of the Cosmos
is amongst us
standing on the tiptoe of anticipation
for the moment of our awakening.

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