Principles for Living Reconciliation Meaningfully

As a Canadian, this wakes me up. Disturbs me. Encourages me. Calls me to integrity. Reminds me of need for community.

It is written by pal and colleague Chris Corrigan, who has given this attention for 30 years. Chris goes on to list five principles for living reconciliation meaningfully.

Wednesday is National Aboriginal Day and ten days later, Canada commemerates its 150th birthday. Since the centenary in 1967 and even since Canada 125 in 1992, the whole enterprise of Canada has become deeply informed by the need for reconciliation between indigenous people and communities, and settler people and communities.

We are all treaty people. Everyone in Canada who has citizenship is also a beneficiary to the treaties that were signed and made as a way of acknowledging and making binding, the relationship between settler communities and indigenous nations.  The ability to own private land, for example, is one way in which settlers benefit from treaties that were signed long ago, even if those treaties.

Waking up isn’t necessarily easy. But it is essential.

Thanks Chris.

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