Reflective Wonder

This morning I sat in this chair overlooking this lake. It was just before 7:00. It was misty and cloudy, but not cold. Bird song was abundant. Shrills. Whistles. Beeps. Bells. Reflective wonder is regular practice for me. I find I both need and enjoy a generative kind of stillness. All of that readies me for being in the day with others.

This morning, I found myself entranced by the layers of reflection and mirror. There was the general layer. My mind knows that water will reflect the overall shape of the tree line and the position of the barn. As I continued my reflection and meditation, there were moments when the vivid green became so apparent in the water. The remarkable detail. The blended hues. It’s what happens in a “look deeper” moment.

This morning, I parted with several Fire & Water Alum, having enjoyed 40 hours of community and communion. It was time for food, for fun. It was a time for stories, for stirring. It was a time for remembering, for reimagining.

Generative reflective wonder, that readies not just individuals, but groups of people, to be about learning and loving with aliveness, in the many layers of reflecting and rippling that become our lives.

I’m grateful.

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