Last night was a return of sorts. To a retreat venue barely on the Kentucky side of the Ohio River near Cincinnati. It’s a venue that I’ve been to once before. Good to be by a lake.

Last night was a return of sorts. To the Original Group of Fire & Water Leadership and Rite of Passage Journey. Some of us have not seen each other for over two years in a CoVid-adapted way that shifted in person retreats to online.

Last night was a return of sorts. To thoughtfully prepared space. And beauty. Big thx to Tamika and Amy who have been offering weaving alum energy for the last 18 months. And to others that contributed in quiet ways to the beauty of this center.

Last night was a return of sorts. To an energy. A vibration. A memory. Of the particular vibration that includes, “who we are together is more and different that who we are alone” — thx Meg Wheatley for this invocation years ago.

Last night was a return of sorts. To love felt in a group. Joy. Journey. Recognition. Acceptance. A field of connection and learning that seeks to both do, and be, wisdom and soulfulness in the world.

I’m excited for this full day together. And evening. And night. And another morning tomorrow. To follow all of that. To be in the now of it all.

No small thing for any of us to gather to be in joy and renewed witness and learning together. No small thing to return to a clarity of who we are and what we are up to in the now and the long arc of it all.

To return to awakened learning, living, loving.

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