Teachings Come — Richard Wagamese

Teachings come from wherever
when you open yourself to them.
That’s the trick of it, really.
Open yourself to everything
and everything opens itself to you.

Richard Wagamese is an Ojibway Elder. His writings and teachings have inspired me many times. It’s the book, Embers, that I often go to. That and, One Drum. I’m glad for the guidance of his teachings.

I shared this Wagamese passage on “Teachings Come” yesterday. The context was in an online circle series that I host with Amanda Fenton. It was week 3 of 4. Our theme was Preparing for the Circle. I wanted to emphasize that though preparation is often getting chairs organized and Zoom rooms available, it is even more so about shifting the story.

I think of it as a shift from chasing and consumption to welcome and being available. And this is where we need each other to deepen preparation.

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  1. Whew … chasing and consumption to welcoming and being available. That stops me in my tracks. Thank you.

    I am currently reading slowly “One Native Life,” by Richard Wagamese.

    Grateful for the thread of connection.

    – N

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