The Cave

A post on the Open Space List Serve from Amerie Rose. It came from a thread about optimism and progress, not wanting to return to the cave. I love her honesty here.  I relate to the value of the cave in similar ways. And need it!

I long for the good old days out in The Cave. I hark back to the time of Dreaming, and often struggle in this time of Doing. I grieve because today I am surrounded by folks who judge me when I ‘go there’ because they lost touch with their’s somewhere along this line of evolution. I battle with myself throughout the year because I STILL only get myself a ticket to there when I have lost ‘The Plot’ to the point of only being ABLE to do what needs to be done – collect wood, make food, protect the children. 

The Cave is hearing the silence.
The Cave is knowing how to survive.
The Cave is acknowledging your priorities.
The Cave is as important to my life as the view from the top of the mountain, without both I am lost on this journey between one and other.


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