The Fifth Grade American Song Book — Christina Baldwin

Over 20 years now, Christina Baldwin has been for me a friend, a teacher, a colleague. A writing coach. A welcome for overnight stay in her and her partner’s guest room. A shoulder to cry on. An honest voice to count on. A profound thinker and contributor. A person who offers tea and a wedge of cheese.

This recent post by Christina Baldwin, is just a good read. In the end, it’s a call to vote. To participate in the reshaping of who we are as people. Yes to what Christina advocates and encourages as a democratic responsibility and contribution.

What I also really love in Christina’s writing is her ability to offer story. “Once upon a time…” is just embedded in her way of thinking and interacting. She has a gift in contexting an era for what it was, including some of the blindness that existed in the time. And then recontexting that era in light of current era. Whiteness. Innocence. Injustice.

It’s a good read for the story contexting and for the end call to action. I’m grateful.

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