The Power of Downward Mobility

Wayne Muller is founder of Bread for the Journey. He is author, speaker, spiritual director, and community builder.

I read one of his blogs this morning on “The Power of Downward Mobility.” A piece of it is excerpted below. The article is worth a read.

What I find with the precepts is that they are particularly good when people, groups of people, are considering what to do next. Realistically, most of us have many choices most of the time. The choices and the prioritizing can be paralyzing, enough to render action impossible. A bit like spending the night considering options for a movie, but running out of time to actually watch it.

To me, his words point to the maturing that is committed to the simple, and, a framework for why that makes perfect sense.


The threads of continuity that bind us together are woven out of a few simple precepts, ways of working which have stood the test of time. When we began, our precepts were clear, and few:

  • Keep it simple.
  • Fund people, not projects.
  • Trust in authentic relationships, rather than proposals.
  • Small is beautiful.
  • Start with a strength assessment, not a needs assessment.

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