Tweets of the Weeks

    • “Behind every face is a secret, hidden, inner life.” Thanks John O’Donahue, calling for our human perception and presence.
    • The world changes when large numbers of people change the way they think little bit. Thanks Willis Harman, from many years ago.
    • Thx @chriscorrigan: When asked to evaluate Open Space I have each participant complete this sentence: “As a result of this meeting…”
    • Richard Feynman, theoretical physicist: “Physics is like sex. There are practical outcomes, but that isn’t why we do it.”
    • “In the 1980s capitalism triumphed over communism. In the 1990s it triumphed over democracy.” Thanks @dkorten.
    • “Failure is always an option when exploring; but fear is not.” Thanks Charles LaFond: …
    • We’re all ducks on this lake. We can’t have labels or divisions. We’re all connected in the problems and in the solutions. @WaNonprofits
    • Heard through @quanitam this weekend: “Life is out to gift us, not to get us.”
    • “The central silence is the purest element of the soul, the soul’s most exalted place, the core, the essence of the soul.” Meister Eckhart

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