This Moment — An Honoring of An Uncle

Yesterday I learned that an Uncle died. He had a few health challenges that his body could no longer navigate. And emotional challenges too, that linger in the way that life seems to invoke. And complications related to all of that. He was 69 or 70.

It’s natural to reflect on a life transitioned. Problems encountered. Dreams lived. Love shared and received. And of course, the unreconciled, which there always is.

It’s natural to wonder what to offer in support or in tribute. Some will tend the details of a funeral service. Some will tend to the things left behind in his home. Some the bills. Some will weave family. Some will share stories. Some will just be quiet, yet present. All of it matters.

For me, last night I started with lighting a candle. To honor a life and a passing. Last night, it meant singing a song of blessing and gratitude to the light of the candle. It’s an offering of spirit and a wish for good. Last night it meant offering what I was taught many years ago is an “alchemical prayer.” It’s a prayer of wishing things of the heart, in this case for my uncle, that I would wish for myself in this circumstance. It’s prayer from the belly. It’s words and not-words for the moment. And then it is releasing all of that, honoring his journey to be his journey, attended to with some care and kind gesture.

So, all of this is in me today. In a day of more keen awareness of this moment, this now, that feels just a bit more elongated.

It’s good to be human, to know the feeling of hearts moved in many ways, and to honor the spirit of an uncle.

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