To The Quiet

There is some tucking in that I’m moving toward.
It’s December, with Christmas coming.
It’s Solstice, with the delight of dark
aaathat also comes with small daily increments of light returning.

For me, amidst noise, this is a time of year when I inevitably seek the quiet.
To return my attention to the open and beckoning night skies,
aaaand to slow-paced daytime walks over crunchy snow.

Something in me knows to go to the quiet.
And seeks to grow my capacity to empty.

I’m grateful for many learnings together.
With friends new and old.
With family evolving as it is.
With sorrows familiar and unique.
With joys persistent and freshly grown.

It remains true to me, often seen through images,
that there is a way that we are meant to grow together,
aaain life journey and in spirit,
like the apricot trees above,
aaaand that we are meant to rest together too.
I know this desire in a deep place in my heart,
in the quiet.

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