Trusting Your Nature

Tomorrow starts this, a three-session series that I’m offering with my good friend Kinde Nebeker.

It is our third from the body of work that is “Inner and Outer of Evolutionary Leadership (IOEL).” I love having a deliberate attention to both the inner and the outer.

I also love the distinctions that we have created for each session, and woven together as a whole.

It is our nature (we humans) to engage and convene. Not just a desire. We are coded to do so.

It is our nature to listen deeply — I’m sooo looking forward to a day in Utah’s mountains. There are many layers to listen to and from.

It is our nature to evolve. Things change. Systems change.

Below are two resources that shape IOEL for those of you interested further, written by Kinde and me. May they stir in all of us.

A Commitment to Emergence: The Inner And Outer of Evolutionary Leadership

The Magical Wilderness Between People Together


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