Turned Again To One Another

Sometimes it is at retreat centers. Sometimes at university campuses. Sometimes at churches. Sometimes at hotels. Sometimes in forests. Above is what it looks like this week for me with my colleague Glen Brown hosting a Leadership Development Program / Cohort for people in electrical supplies and sales. What’s common across all of them is the turning to one another.

The teaching that Quanita Roberson and I have grown into goes something like this.

Turning to one another helps with turning in to self.
Turning in to self helps with turning to one another.
Inner is connected to outer (always has been).
Outer is connected to inner (always has been).
Wisdom and kind ways of going together can grow from that.

Three days of changing the shape of meetings, and growing the hearts, minds, bellies of this group of people wanting to do good together. Here we go.

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  1. I notice immediately the way the tables are NOT squared up with one another but situated in their own kind of 4-sided oblong diamond. I love how the outer invites the inner in this very specific way. How subtle and yet how important.

    “Wisdom and kind ways of going together can grow from that.”

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