Tweets of the Weeks

From one of those periods that has felt like in a blink a day turns into a week.

  • Meeting here on the US Mexico border in El Paso. With healthcare leaders to focus on community health issues.
  • Mothers Day breakfast on the deck with Teresa, Patrick, Kate. Sunny Seattle is nice!
  • Back at the Secret Garden with much blooming.
  • Big need and suggestion for RFI – a community engagement and continuous learning strategy. #rfc2012
  • Alternative to “outsourcing” = “ruralsourcing” #rfc2012
  • Matthew Rezac – “I take it as a given that we live in a highly networked world, which requires relationships and welcome.” Spot on. #rfc2012
  • Sam Cordes asking witnessing and reflection questions to close the conference. Hopes. Challenges. #rfc2012
  • Innovation comes from the meetings at the edge – people in relationship. Integrating imagination. Welcoming many answers. #rfc2012
  • Open Space Conversations underway. 1 of 2 rounds. 17 topics. 200 people engaging & learning together. #rfc2012
  • Inspiring scale of vision for rural futures institute for Nebraska, The Great Plains. Bold to invite 400 people to its birth. #rfc2012
  • With world population expected to be at 9.5 billion in 50 years, where will food and energy come from? Rural communities. #rfc2012
  • Nebraska Gov Heineman opening Rural Futures Conference #rural_futures. Inviting innovation and integration of effort. Glad to host here.
  • For World Cafe hosts, here’s a set of guidelines from my son’s first grade Reading Comprehension corner. Enjoy.
  • Just arrived in Seattle. Meeting Teresa, Chris, and Sono to work with NW tribal leaders and EPA.

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