Wake Up, My Soul (Adam Zagajewski)

With a nod of appreciation to Shawna Lemay for posting on her thoughtful blog, Transactions with Beauty, this Adam Zagajewski poem, “Wake Up.”

I love the invitation to self, waking. Isn’t that what so much of living is. And I love these flowers, beautiful as they are, from a recent walk.

Wake Up

by Adam Zagajewski

Wake up, my soul.
I don’t know where you are, 
where you’re hiding,
but wake up, please,
we’re still together,
the road is still before us, 
a bright strip of dawn 
will be our star.

One Reply to “Wake Up, My Soul (Adam Zagajewski)”

  1. “the road is still before us,
    a bright strip of dawn
    will be our star.”

    This was what caught my attention. I love the movement toward a bright strip of dawn, a star by which we can guide our journey together.

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