What of Order, Disorder, Reorder?

Richard Rohr, wisdom pattern, order disorder reorder, contemplative knowing

I was recently gifted a few Richard Rohr books (thank you Meg). This one above, The Wisdom Pattern, is one that I read on the weekend.


Has me thinking about a few upcoming groups I’m working with.

Richard Rohr suggests many things in this book that I found moving. Most fundamentally, he invites coming to further relationship with this natural phenomenon of inherent change.

Order is a state. Disorder is natural. Not a failure as one might so readily accept from industrial aged belief systems of the past 125 years. And then reorder too is natural. All organizes. As Meg often teachers, all organizes around a self and identity (self-organization).

Well, oodles more worth exploring.

This one passage is one that stood out to me.

In order to reconstruct, we need to be open to something more than cerebral, rational knowing. We need to move toward a more spacious, contemplative knowing. We need to move beyond the dualistic, seesawing mind that makes quick judgements, beyond the self and its own self-interest, beyond the win / lose and either / or worldviews.

Richard Rohr, The Wisdom Pattern (p 121)

For inspiration on a Monday.

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