What We Practice, We Become

It is a simple framing for today’s work in the celebratory tribes gathered in this little place of Rorwig, Denmark. To continue in practice, with the simple yet potent premise — that what we practice we become.

There are things that we practice. Skills. Talents. Contributions. There are things that we practice that are recognizable on the surface. And needed.

And then there are are things that live beneath the surface that we practice. That we become.

We practice center. We practice engaging and listening. We practice softness. And flow. And path finding.

I know that there are many of us that are seeking to clarify practice. In organizations, teams, and in personal lives. And are perhaps wishing to deepen that practice. To animate it in more life-giving ways. And to integrate it is ways that bring our work, our leadership, our learning, and our living together.

I’m opening myself more these days to new configurations to guide and encourage practice. I know that often the deepest of work and the most lasting of friendships start or re-start with a conversation. And wonder. And listening.

If you too our revisiting and reimagining practice — perhaps wishing some witness, some co-wonder, or even some guidance — that helps to reset some life-giving ways, I’d welcome the conversation together.

Greetings from this place of such sweet joy and beauty further arising.

3 Replies to “What We Practice, We Become”

  1. It’s a gift to me to receive this invitation at this time….opening up to practice across boundaries, beyond our traditional organizational forms has my attention these days. In the past, we have ‘joined’, become ‘members’, ‘voted’, ‘volunteered’, and, and, and. All entry points to decisions and belonging. I’m curious with the emergence of multi-platform means, what creates the conditions to connect, the conviction to engage, to contribute, to serve….to BE in relationship?

    1. Thx Diana — I appreciate your reflections and wisdom. “Being” points to the relational for me. I’m glad that many of us have contributed to creating containers that lift up connection, that center it. Connection is practice — showing up ourselves and in company with others. Good to become that!

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