Words That Haunt Me

And by haunt, I mean in a good way. Words that linger with me. Words that sync with heartbeat. Words that buoy and lift spirit.

Gunilla Norris wrote in her book, Inviting Silence, some of those words. I’ve included them in this blog before.

“Throughout the years I have found that beneath whatever we might think our discontent is, we very much need three things: an awareness of our inner longing…the courage to act on behalf of that longing…and a sense of community to support and maintain our interior journey.”

In working with groups, there is so much that can be entered and encountered with Norris’ simple words, converted to three simple questions for interaction.

  1. What do you long for? As in, feel compelled toward. And in, ache for. As in, can’t deny. As in, feel called toward. As in, sings to you. As in, beckons for your creativity. As in, brings you forward with joy and authenticity. As in, animates your very being.
  2. How are you doing with your courage these days? As in, are you staying true to what you know and are. As in, are you following the longing of your heart. As in, are you taking steps in your doing or being that honors and tends such longing?
  3. Who is your community that supports your journey? As in, your team. Or, your family. Or, your new friends. Or, your cohort. As in, witnesses your journey. As in, listens. As in, nudges with questions. As in, surprises you with a basket of muffins to sustain you. As in, reminds you aren’t alone.

And then enjoy. The next 30 minutes. Or the morning engaging each other in these questions. Or the day. And the woven thread of nuanced attention to such simple questions that invoke an encountering of self, other, circumstance.

This is the kind of work, and journey, that I love. That haunts.

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