I contributed yesterday to The Circle Way. In support of their 2020 Fall Fundraising Campaign. As they theme it this year, “to inspire hope and to support community transformation.” I gave what I could, and stretched it a bit more — which is my practice for giving.

If you are looking for a place to add some energy and $$ to social change work, I want to invite you to do some of that with The Circle Way.

The place to contribute is here, online. Simple. Easy. More context is here.

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you will recognize that I’m no stranger to circle.

– I treat circle as one of the most essential abilities, both as a format and as a way of being, to participate together as humans in this unfolding of times.

– I treat circle as one of the most simple, yet impactful ways, to evolve how we encounter each other as humans in these times.

– I treat circle as one of the most kind ways to interrupt patterns of harm and move toward choices of consciousness, harmony, and flow.

The Circle Way as a non-profit are doing a pile of things to support all of that.

Thank you for considering your contribution.

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