A Gratitude

A Gratitude

There is a lot to be learning these days. I like it that the edges of “normal” are being challenged. Both in the external world, in what we “do” — as well in the internal world, in what we “feel.” Or, perhaps nuanced a bit from “like” is an appreciation for attention given the deeper why and the deeper learning of these days, that can only be seen in disruption. It doesn’t have to be fun, this journey into the depths, to be utterly well-timed and helpful.

I’m staying today with another passage from my book, referenced this weekend by one of the Soultime participants. The passage is actually an epitaph that speaks gratitudes for the deeper why of it all. And I hope, speaks some encouragement.

With Gratitude

Gratitude to you, all of us,
who stay with these most difficult
yet important paths of learning,
into the dark woods.

Gratitude to you, all of us,
in these arcs of healing,
that begin with honesty
and friendship.

Gratitude to you, all of us,
who offer our gifts
found in courage,
and trust of a cadence.

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