In The Simple

I’ve just spent the weekend in Soultime Men’s Retreat. It was five sessions online, spread out from Friday night through Sunday evening. About 12 hours total online. But then, the online portion is only part of it. There’s also dreams. There’s also informal coffee, also online. And there’s the way that a shared space carries the psyche to invitations that are not held in time. There were 13 of of this time, journeying our way through a story to share the simple arts of noticing and sense-making.

I’m glad to be reminded of this poem, shared by one of the men of Soultime. It’s a poem that a I wrote and included in A Cadence of Despair.

In The Simple

I love the way
that horses graze in a nearby field.

Sometimes the young ones run
in short spurts.

I love the way
that birds sing in morning sky.

Sometimes a chirp,
sometimes a whistle.

I love the way
that horses and birds remind me
to live
in the simple.

A bow to the men of Soultime that have stirred the rather complex together, yet also the rather simple.

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