Every Day Is A Poem — Jacqueline Suskin

What’s not to like about such a title and invitation. This is the book that I started reading yesterday. I received it as a birthday gift. I’ll let myself meander through this one. With ease in pace. Resting with it when it seems right, like stopping to rest in the sun on a long walk.

The invitations to clarity, beauty, and presence — well, these are goto steps for me personally and in trying to bring out the best in groups. If in doubt, look to beauty and awe and appreciation. Because when we cultivate relationships with these, they give us access to much much more in our brains and in our being.

The author, Jacqueline Suskin invokes the American poet Mary Oliver early in the book:

When it’s over, I want to say: all of my life I was a bride married to amazement.

And later, calls upon Mary Oliver again for her ongoing invitation and permission to go with curiosity, acceptance, and celebration.

Yes, I have learned that these qualities are available — awe, curiosity, acceptance, celebration, love. Even in the worst of circumstances. They are available even if it is just to notice for a moment. That’s much different orientation than life vacated by awe and wonder.

So today, a nod to the poets, to this this poet for invoking beauty as a path to both follow and create.

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