Emergence and The Circle Way

Last week I wrote, “Emergence is the Game.” It’s been been helpful to encourage people with this perspective. Most of the people I work with are hungry for it. They want good facilitation and good meetings. But they also want what is underneath that. A disposition to emergence (be a part of; see; welcome; be surprised by; be inspired by, etc.) is one significant part of the underneath.

I rewrote some of that post into a “News” piece, Emergence and The Circle Way, on The Circle Way Practicum website that Amanda Fenton and I are using for the upcoming August 17-22, 2016 gathering. It is a bit more explicit about the connection to The Circle Way, which continues to open me up to emergence, that feeling of flow.

There’s also some other really good articles there that Amanda and I have posted that people have been telling us they appreciate. Peek, and reach out to us. Better, join us in August. Last call goes until July 25th ish.

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