The Best in Art and Life — A Poem by Roger Rosenblatt

Photo Credit, WSHU

I suppose what I love in this poem below by Roger Rosenblatt, American writer and memoirist, is the invitation to notice how some things, in art and life, come into being, because they can’t not. 

I suppose what I love in this poem is a recognition that I see in my facilitation work with groups, particularly with circle — there is a clarity of insight, born in connection, that can’t not come forward.

I suppose what I love in this poem is that it orients to a certain “irrepressibleness,” interrupting the common and stressful contemporary narrative of “needing to work hard for it all,” and instead offers the possibility of “naturally arising.”

Enjoy. Thanks Roger Rosenblatt.


The Best in Art and Life

The best in art and life
comes from a center
something urgent and powerful
and ideal or emotion
that insists
on its being.

From that insistence
a shape emerges
and creates its structure out of passion.

If you being with a structure,
you have to make up the passion,

and that’s very hard to do.

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