Zen Stew, Part 3

Continuing on from Part 1 (“There is only now; there is only the present moment.”) and Part 2 (“This very moment is the perfect teacher.”)…

Both of the above images were gifts to me. “Only Don’t Know” was from a couple of years ago. The shedded snake skin was from a couple of weeks ago. I received both as encouragements to have courage and clarity. To further rest in the realities of change and to interrupt the paradigm of knowing, with all of its reaches. Both of these images, these gifts, brought tears to me. And joy.

Pretty good in the Zen Stew.

Last part of the stew for now — this Zen phrase that I’ve written before. It so contextualizes purpose and practice for me. It so nuances realities of being a human being, living amongst others and amongst systems and structures. It so clarifies what to do.

Everything is connected.
Everything changes.
Pay attention.

Zen Stew — thanks to the Hope Springs Coffee Club. They don’t know it, but somewhere in the hosting of that space, I found this Zen Stew connection of ideas and practices. I found the nourishment and the beauty of it. I found the joy in it.

2 Replies to “Zen Stew, Part 3”

  1. POP!

    Three phrases drop into the space and clear out the clutter!

    What a gift.

    It is now written down and posted where I can see it each day. It is taped into the folder I take with me to my hosting work.

    I love it!

    Thank you Tenneson!

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